ArtistArmor is the creation of media, labor and internet security professionals. Witnessing the rampant uncontrolled and unchecked theft of intellectual property and the need for a practical web based solution was the foundation that has become the encompassing resources of ArtistArmor today.


ArtistArmor has an appreciation and understanding of the creative process. Selling, employment, collaborating with security and support is only found at ArtistArmor.

ArtistArmor supports its Members when others sites and organizations don't. The founders of ArtistArmor understand the pit falls and the isolation of the artist specially when their is a dispute. We have been there. We have experienced the trauma when an artist or their image or writings are abused or outright stolen. Coming from the varied corners of the creative and securities disciplines the founders and staff of ArtistArmor understand the plight and the issues facing the creative community.

Our mission is to address and fulfill the needs and problems of writers, performers and those from every creative endeavor with or without traditional representation guild or union affiliations. It is our mission to make those in control of the creative industry more responsive to the basic needs of the community. ArtistArmor membership means you have the resources and you are not alone. The foundation of your true power in the creative community is found at ArtistArmor. Donate

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Artist Armor is the premiere solution that protects you, your ideas and your work. Membership is screened so you always know who you're interacting with

Collaborate in a Secure Environment.

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