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ArtistArmor has built a special online enviroment for the Creative Community. All you need is the FREE basic membership to have the ArtistArmor advantage and know that you and your career are moving forward.

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All ArtistArmor Members are screened before they are allowed access to the site. Members can be confident that they are dealing with individuals and professional resources that have been verified.

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ArtistArmor provides the tools and is the 3rd party security that the creative community needs in today's world.


ArtistArmor works with Agencies, Managers, Publishers and more who have been vetted and are looking for talent. The Member has the ability to make their profile public for consideration or not. ArtistArmor cannot guarantee representation, employment or the sale of a Members work.

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Team Member

Chip Mayer


Chip pitched his ideas to the same eager executive producers for three weeks straight. Every time they called him back in, he was sure they would ask him to sign a contract. Then one week there was no meeting, just a note that said the project had been cancelled. He believed them... until he saw it on TV.

Team Member

James Hillier

Screenplay Writer

James wrote and rewrote his romantic comedy so many times he knew the lines by heart. Three studios were interested in picking it up but one was strangely quiet. Then one day he got a call saying they could not buy his idea...because it was already being produced.

Team Member

Robin Banks

Actor & Filmmaker

Robin set up a dropbox to upload his video samples for review by a  large studio. He sent out the link to every big name he could think of and it worked, his samples were used in a number of commercials... without his consent.


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Artist Armor is the premiere solution that protects you, your ideas and your work. Membership is screened so you always know who you're interacting with

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